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A Business Concept for You

The reflex zone biofeedback is an ideal tool for customer acquisition, customer loyalty and marketing of products and training proposals and therefore it

  • optimizes your turnover and creates confidence in your competence as a counsellor
  • increases customer loyalty, as the holistic point of view corresponds to the spirit of our time
  • increases the success of the training as it considers the individual vitality and reaction profile of your customer
  • increases the motivation of your customer through regular control measurements and much more

Ideal for fitness centres, physio therapists and independent fitness and health consultants.



Holistic Health Analysis & Fitness Check-Up
with a Measuring Based Personal Training

The demand of a modern customer on a fitness centre

Today, life is hectic and fast paced. As a result, this creates more stress on the body due to family, environment and business concerns. The increasing number of cardiovascular diseases, back pain, depression and burnout symptoms as well as many other lifestyle diseases indicate that on a long term basis things will only get worse. If our body and mind are not in balance, our life force energy will be depleted and psychological and physical diseases will occur.

Proactive health care

With the biofeedback measuring you can practice proactive health care , by showing and balancing disturbances in the energetic supply field a long time before an organ manifestation is visible. Modern, sport oriented persons are aware of this and have a high demand on their fitness trainer. They want to be recognized, coached and counseled individually on the multiple levels of body, mind and soul.  

What does biofeedback mean?

Biofeedback (engl.: feedback of biological signals) is a scientific procedure that is applied – in the therapeutic field – for treating diseases like migraine, pain, signs of paralysis as an efficient and non-medical method of treatment. Biofeedback enables a person to train the perception and the conscious manipulation of any physical conditions. Biofeedback is an appropriate method to learn more about oneself and one’s own life forces and to optimize them.

What are reflex zones?

Reflex zones or somatotypes (derived from the Greek words soma = body and topos = place, location, area) are areas on the skin surface, which have connections to the internal organs and body structures. The interpretation of the energetic situation of a reflex zone serves for diagnosis and therapy of the regulating state of the internal organs and the psyche.

Health Check-Up

In order to offer your sophisticated client a successful and target-oriented holistic fitness training, it is important to conduct beforehand a health and vitality check-up.

The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® analysis system is an ideal and user-friendly tool for the fitness and health consultant to offer his clients individually adapted and optimized training recommendations.


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